Clark/Sullivan Construction

June 16, 2016

School Construction Ramping Up

School administrators say goodbye to students and hello to construction in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Brentwood, Folsom, Chico, Truckee and Stockton. Clark/Sullivan Construction is breaking ground on these summer improvement projects:

  1. $1.09 million modernization project at Glenshire Elementary School for Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.
  2. $500 thousand modernization project at Lincoln Unified School District’s Lincoln Elementary School.
  3. $6.3 million Sac City Unified School District Summer Modernization Projects.
  4. $4 million improvement project at Lincoln Unified School District’s McCandless Elementary School.
  5. $4 million improvement project at Lincoln Unified School District’s Mable Baron Elementary School.
  6. $1.5 million improvement project at Lincoln Unified School District’s Claudia Landeen Elementary School.
  7. $7 million in miscellaneous district improvement projects for the Lincoln Unified School District.

Clark/Sullivan expects work to go quickly and smoothly.

“We have been working diligently with all of the Districts to ensure an efficient summer construction season,” said Ted Foor, Clark/Sullivan Area Manager and VP. “By collaborating with school districts’ staff and design teams for a few months prior to construction, we have set ourselves up for a great summer.”

Clark/Sullivan Construction expects to complete these ongoing school projects this summer:

  1. Lincoln Unified School District’s $8.4 million modernization of the Performing Arts Center at Lincoln High School in Stockton (expected July completion).
  2. San Juan Unified School District’s $17 million Sylvan Middle School Conversion in Citrus Heights (expected August completion).
  3. Old River Elementary School’s new $3.5 million multipurpose building (expected July completion).
  4. Chico Junior High School’s $6.8 million new science building and modernization project (expected August completion).

Crews have also broken ground on the $8.8 million Folsom High School Auxiliary Gymnasium project, which is slated to complete May 2017.