Clark/Sullivan Construction

October 8, 2015

The Legend of “Chicken”

Every company has its own unique culture or nuances. Whether it’s celebrating “Casual Friday” or wearing purple ties, a company’s ability to embrace and represent its personality is key to establishing a sense of belonging for its employees. In some cases, a company’s “personality” can be so unique that only those within its walls can really understand the true meaning behind a long-standing tradition. This is why we are introducing you to “chicken.”

A mere 25+ years ago, Quality Control Manager Colby Gleba was working on a jobsite with an HVAC guy named Russ. Russ had a unique way with his words. Rather than using the commonly known words like “doohickey” or “thingamajig” when a word would escape his brain, he would improvise with “chicken.” Colby would hear him say things like, “Hand me that chicken so I can hang the door,” or “Use this chicken instead of that one.” For some reason, Colby was able to understand exactly what the “chicken” that Russ was talking about every time. Needless to say, “chicken” became a new word in Colby’s vocabulary.