Clark/Sullivan Construction

Arden Middle School Multipurpose Building

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  • Gym1


  • Kitchen


  • Stage



San Juan Unified School District


Rainforth Grau Architects

Project Value

$4.3 Million

Delivery Method



K-12 Education

Arden Middle School’s old multipurpose room was built decades ago and only had the capacity to serve fewer than half of the nearly 1,000 students that now attend the school. The Clark/Sullivan team was able to help grow their school to t the current needs.

Because the 10,145 square foot multipurpose room was originally over budget, C/S reviewed plans with the owner and architect in advance of DSA submittal and provided cost saving options to get the project within budget and moved forward.

Once construction started, there was a one month delay in CMU delivery due to testing requirements. C/S was able to modify the construction sequence and coordinated heavily with our framer and CMU subcontractor to have them work at the same time to keep the project on schedule. By using a lease leaseback delivery method, the district, architect, IOR, and C/S were able to approach this project as a team with the same end goal, to have a successful project.

“We’ll be able to have school rallies where we can have everybody involved. Right now we have to break people up into (groups) to do that. The stage will allow for performing arts classes that will reach a different audience. We will also be able to feed all students during one lunch period, which will open up more time for academic intervention courses.” – Jeff Banks, Principal, Arden Middle School

Features of the multipurpose room include:

  • A high school size basketball/volleyball court
  • Capacity of 1,000
  • A well equipped kitchen and cafeteria tables
  • A stage with lighting and a sound system
  • 10 rows of bleacher seating
  • Six basketball hoops
  • Parking lot expansion o of Arden Way