Clark/Sullivan Construction

LUSD Modular Classrooms


Lincoln Unified School District


Arch Nexus

Project Value

$5.7 Million

Delivery Method



K-12 Education

Our team designed furnished and installed 22 new modular classrooms on 5 campuses throughout the District in 6 months from project conception. Our strategies were as follows:

  1. We had a stockpile approval of modulars.
  2. We arrived at multiple GMPs, which allowed us to start demo and site work while still getting DSA approval.
  3. We relocated existing old modulars to other sites, all associated site work, and ADA compliance upgrades.

“Although their construction work was impeccable, I was most impressed by the absence of many of the detractors that seem to plague most major construction projects: 1. The facility was delivered on time. 2. District-Contractor communication was outstanding – there were no surprises. 3.The surrounding grounds were left in better condition than when the contractor arrived. 4. Following the close out of the project, the contractor has been available to us and willing to assist us with our orientation to the new facility at no cost.” – Tom Uslan, Superintendent n n