Clark/Sullivan Construction

June 1, 2015

New safety program is right thing to do

We didn’t need a fatality or tragic accident to create a new safety program. It was simply the right thing to do.

A highly engaged Safety Committee with representation from vice presidents to the field developed our new safety program. The Committee is pretty jazzed about the changes we’ve been making. “It gives us peace of mind to know we are strengthening the safety net,” said VP Ted Foor, who gathered the committee to create the new safety program. “It also benefits our employees to know how much we care about them.”

More inspections

Our Committee recommended increasing inspections in the 2014/2015 fiscal year as follows

  • Daily report with integrated safety questions (NEW)
  • High Risk Daily Inspections for scaffold, trenching, crane and other risks deemed necessary (NEW)
  • Weekly safety checklist by Superintendent
  • Subcontractor weekly foreman inspection of relevant area (NEW)
  • Monthly General Superintendent Inspection (NEW)
  • PM Weekly Safety Checklist (NEW)
  • Quarterly Safety Audit by senior leadership (NEW)
  • Monthly outside third-party (insurance provider) inspection of each project (NEW)
  • Safety Consultation and Training Services job start-up and monthly inspection

More awareness

We recognized the benefits of holding Quarterly Superintendent Meetings where all project leaders share ideas for safety, quality and innovations. Our new safety program also features safety communication through e-blasts, social media and stickers with an abbreviated news item on infographic stuck on the front of each employee’s paycheck.